“I’d like to do more Lifewriting. It is therapeutic for me.” ~ Anon


“M. Marcel facilitated a series of Lifewriting Workshops at our seniors’ residence. The workshops were very well received by those who attended. As a spectator, I was surprised at the discussions that came from the experience. Several participants were very happy to have had the opportunity.” ~ Sue Bolton, Lifestyle Consultant (Program Manager), Astoria, Port Coquitlam, B.C.


“Thank you Marcel. It was very enlightening.” ~ Merne Torresan, participant, Astoria residence, Port Coquitlam, BC


“These workshops stimulated self-creativity… The handouts informed and inspired. I had expectations of being shown exactly what to do and you gave me the gift of stimulating my creativity to identify and move past my blocks and create my life story now.” ~ Helen Watts, participant, West Van. Seniors’ Activity Centre


“I found these workshops excellent, much better than similar workshops by SFU Prof. I attended.” ~Betty MacMillan, participant, Summerhill Parc, North Van., BC


“Marcel’s Lifewriting workshops are very well thought out. He is professional, well-spoken and knows how to relate to the residents. During his workshops the residents were able to open up and share personal stories. Marcel created a safe, comfortable environment for them to do so.” ~Reyna Brucker, Active Living Manager, Cedar Springs Parc, North Van., B.C.


“These workshops helped me think deeply about my past and the reasons I took different steps and decisions. Thank you.” ~Zanna Mitsala, participant, Mulberry Parc, Burnaby, BC


“The instructor seems to have a gift for encouraging us all to write. It would be nice to continue.” ~Pat Carpick, participant, Tapestry Wesbrook, UBC


“I’ve enjoyed your information and the patience with which you explain things to us.” ~Bette Stirling, participant, Summerhill Parc, North Van., BC

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