Lead instructor

M. Marcel

Marcel (BA, MA, Grad. Dipl.) is a writer, personal historian & Lifewriting teacher who completed a Journalism Fellowship at the University of Toronto and the first year of his PhD studies in Ethics, Economics, and Political Philosophy (Justice Between Generations) at Carleton University in Ottawa. His works are published in a wide-range of Canadian and international media outlets. Inspired by the hidden potential he sees in each person, Marcel strives to help individuals and organizations discover their unique voice and tell their stories. Empowerwriting is Marcel’s set of full-sensory teaching tools and writing method developed over a decade of teaching in high schools and ESL schools, universities, and the Canadian public service. M. leads a Memoir and business writing consultancy, M. Marcel Communications Classics.

Extraordinary guest speakers

Andrea Woodhouse Memoir Writing Lifewriting Intuitive Healer Family Constellations

Andrea F. Woodhouse

Professional Intuitive, Energy Healer and Family Constellations Facilitator, Andrea specializes in uncovering the intersections between your life purpose, your spirit and your work. She supports you in making sense of change and loss, clearing your energy fields, and in gaining insights you can apply in all areas of your life. Andrea grew up exploring the familial and emotional ripples born from the hidden systemic energies that shape our lives. She is experienced in sensing these influences and facilitating better alignment that restores vitality and flow to your life.

Elisa Lee

Ecological educator, gender empowerment guide, vision quest guide, and self-care facilitator, Elisa (MA, BEd., BSc., BA) has been promoting personal development in nature for the past 15 years. She finds deep meaning in helping others discover their innate potential. A lifelong student of ceremony, conscious communication and Mystery, her current focus is on women’s Rites of Passage and Fire & Flower, a coming-of-age mentorship & ceremonial program for girls. Elisa sings in the Woodwards Community Choir and is a secondary school teacher in the Lower Mainland, B.C.

Eva C. Manole

Eva is a Leadership development specialist and certified executive coach with a graduate degree in business psychology and a passion for working in the people development space. Skilled in coaching, organizational effectiveness and employee engagement, Eva embraces human centered design as a guiding philosophy to help organizations and individuals reach their peak potential.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

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