Sensing the need – Moving towards heart-centred living

By Vishaal Chaman

Why garden, anyways?  Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are constantly writing in our mind, telling ourselves stories about ourselves, the world and our place in it, and what we want from life.

If you notice you’re feeling exhausted digging in infertile land, growing plants and fruit that you do not need anymore, and utilizing more of your precious resources than you can afford, it may be time to take a step back and soak in the impact of living in this way. This infertile land can require us to re-examine where we are putting our energy, practices we have, and beliefs we have formed, and subsequently give us the opportunity to re-define the fruits of our labour; our careers, relationships, ways of relating to ourselves, our well being and happiness, along with our purpose in life.

As you reflect on this way of living, you may start to notice a subtle Calling or Knowing that compels you to explore within yourself, to write and take action towards personal change, learning, and growth. You are Sensing a need. This Knowing will guide you towards transforming your day-to-day experience to help move you towards your purpose.

Explore, a new online, 6-week memoir writing program, invites you to begin Writing From the Heart, and ultimately to create your own Garden of Peace. A centerpiece is on facilitating reconnection to the heart, and a realignment of mind and heart. This is a process that involves a shift from being guided by mind-centered living towards heart-centered living, and strengthening the voice of the most powerful and vital organ in us all; our heart.

Process-focused, Explore will help guide you towards Writing – and Living – From The Heart by taking you on an eight-stage Lifewriter’s Crop Cycle journey.



As you open your heart and allow it to speak its truth, you may start to notice yourself in awe, laughing, weeping, playing, being humorous and creative, and loving more deeply. As we let go and align with the voice of the heart, we start to yield the fruits of our labour – A transformed way of living and experiencing your life. Ultimately, this leads us to a redefined life purpose.

Your journey in growing your own Garden of Peace has already begun as you connect deeply with an inner knowing that you’d like to experience your life differently. Together, we help you take this knowing and transform it using Writing from the Heart towards preparing your garden for whatever you need out of your life.

Visit stage 2: Preparing the Field towards Writing – and Living – from the Heart.

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