The Lifewriter’s Journey – Writing from the heart

Your narrative is dynamic; you are writing your life story each and every day. What’s next in your life journey? How will you use your signature gifts – your unique talents and skills – to make positive change in the world? What will be your living legacy, your gift of connecting with others and enhancing lives, today and tomorrow? These are some of the topics we explore together in our new six-week, empowering Memoir Writing program, Explore.

One of the main goals of our new, online lifewriters’ community, Empowerwriters, is to put you in the driver’s seat of your destiny, where you are growing and thriving inside of your Garden of Peace, a safe, comfortable place of calm where you are free to imagine and start creating the next chapters in the story of your life journey.

The cycle of harvesting in your Garden of Peace is a way to bring your personal change narrative into fruition.

In a new series of eight articles, we will be reviewing the eight phases of your crop cycle (your journey of personal discovery and growth through Lifewriting).

  1. Sensing the need Something is compelling you to explore your inner self, to write, and to take action towards personal change; Something is calling you to your Purpose.
  2. Preparing your field – Creating fertile conditions for a productive harvest. What do you need to do in the beginning to get in the right frame of mind to begin your harvest?
  3. Planning the harvest – Developing your field with intent: setting a clear purpose and some success criteria for your harvest to add clarity and direction.
  4. Planting the seeds Choosing when and how to plant your harvest to maximize your yield.
  5. Tending the crop Learning to protect your crop’s integrity and to grow strong plants.
  6. Picking the fruits – Applying your hard-work and intangibles to gathering your crop.
  7. Preparing and processing the fruits – Turning your raw yield into delicious, regenerative meals.
  8. Planning the next harvest: feeding forward – Creating a virtuous, all-seasons harvesting cycle.

By developing and cultivating the fields in your peaceful garden, you will be well on your way to aligning your work and life with your values and Purpose.

But to reach your potential – in both writing and living – is to write and live freely from the heart. Opening your doors to feel and express unconditional love – love of self, love of others, love of nature – will allow you to ascend your mountain. In adopting this way of living, you are free to be who you are, your most natural, uninhibited best version of you.

In your Garden of Peace you are present and connected to life in all its forms. Your senses come alive to the wonders of nature. You give yourself permission to laugh, smile, play, and dance. You give without expectations. You offer thanks and appreciation to all living memory and ancestry that has paved the way before you. Fear, shame, doubt, and worry are overpowered by your unyielding faith in a positive unfolding of your life journey.

You are becoming settled, moving closer to inner peace and seeing with clearer eyes. You’ve reached the summit of humanity when you are driven by love. Love can unlock your vast creativity and allow you to truly begin writing from your heart. Then, writing is your instrument, an outpouring of your mind, body, and spirit in the form of words on the page. In the last stage, you are simply living, Being with the world. You’ve found restorative nourishment for your soul, which has been re-awakened. You are now ready to live with a renewed sense of higher purpose.

Those who choose love in the active cultivation of their peaceful garden, know one thing: their life – and those they touch around them – will never be the same again. Writing from the heart is boundless and, when it comes from love, it is inexhaustible.

Choose the pen stroke of love. Never stop creating your life story.

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