A hero raised me by Janice R.

Who is your personal hero?

I was blessed to have a dad like mine. I always felt safe and loved.

My dad was lean and muscular from his young life as a leader at the YMCA in Brandon, Manitoba. When we were little, we used to talk him into walking, in hand-stand position, along the beach at Clear Lake.

Fun loving and optimistic, Dad would help Mom pack up the car every summer weekend and drive all of us two hours to the lake. He did this after working all week as a Chiropractor. Relaxation for him was getting the boat out on the water and, once we were unloaded onto a beach, going for a ski, a slalom (skiing on only one ski). He would be grinning the whole time.

Whenever I felt ill as a child, Dad would check my forehead and nurse me back to health. He has always been a very gentle, healing, and caring man.

One of the things I admire most about my dad is his Christian attitude towards life. He’s very thankful to God for every moment and even when troubles hit, he still continues to take care of things and gets on with his daily life. He leaves his problems in God’s hands. His faith in and knowledge of Jesus Christ strengthens him.

My dad is my own personal hero. I want to be just like him whenever I grow up.


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