Ai-powered Memoirs to spark your change narrative

Appreciative Inquiry (Ai) is a philosophical approach originally used in the context of business and organizational change management. Grounded in the science of positive psychology and human motivation, Ai seeks out the best in people to imagine and build better futures. Ai is now a widely used approach for fostering positive, life-centric change for individuals, organizations, and communities.

A chief component of Ai is focusing on and appreciating your strengths and what gives you life, rather than on your limitations or problems.

The first of its kind, Explore – our six-week Memoir Writing program – is adapting Ai’s strengths-based orientation to guide you through a process of identifying and creating your narrative around your unique signature gifts.

In Explore, we will draw on the Ai paradigm to inform your outlook and your personal change (writing) topic.

The writing of your living narrative with an Ai lens can help you start or rediscover how to live a life of purpose and meaning.

The program will encourage you – through prompts and life writing exercises – to ask generative questions about, “What is?” and “What might be?”, a first step towards imagining and creating a life in which you are thriving.

Ultimately, we want you to be your best self, to bring your greatest skills and talents to the world. Because when you are at your best and alive, your community will be a better place.

Explore – A six-week Memoir Writing program to rediscover your creative potential and empower yourself | Learn more.

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