My Grandparents’ Backyard by Njeri W.

What was the first thing that made you truly happy?

The backyard at my grandparents’ home wasn’t your typical backyard. It was a little piece of heaven. There was a pond, forest, garden, blueberry bushes, a well, shed, dog cannel, and mini walking trails. No two days were ever quite the same for the backyard adventures my brother and I experienced in our early childhood days in Nova Scotia.

The backyard was situated on generational family land nestled in the historical black Canadian community of Lake Loon. This was during a time where children only needed the supervision of a watchful eye from the window and a holler to let us know it was time to come in for dinner. The joy of this freedom was surreal [in comparison to] everyday life today. There was never a shortage of activities and excitement from the simple pleasures of communing with nature and embracing the myriad of outdoor meandering that brought so much joy and happiness to our everyday life.

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