Submit and publish your creative writing! Take part in the Empowerwriters’ Community Blogathon, May 2019.

The suggested topic for our May 2019 Blogathon is: “Who is your personal hero?”

Instructions (suggestions for life writing submission):

(1) List 10 personal heroes (either people from your life or historical/social figures, or fictional characters, or a combination of these)

(2) Pick one person from your list and answer the question: “What words and images come to your mind when you think of this person/character?”

(3) Free-write on the topic for 20 minutes using a pen or pencil and pad of paper. (Try to handwrite using pen and paper, and not worry about mistakes, grammar, or organization for now. The important thing is to get your words out on the page and start to get in a writer’s flow!)

(4) Type up (and edit if you wish) your piece.


* Submit your piece to us by email at

* Please provide your first and last name, and how you heard about Empowerwriting with your entry.

* If you wish to remain anonymous, you may submit under a pen name (writer’s name).

* If your submission is a written piece, it should be maximum 250 words.

* We encourage you to include photos or other visuals/media to accompany your piece.

* All submissions are due by May 24, 2019.

* We will review your piece and may do a slight edit before publishing on our blog.

Never stop creating 🖋 your life story. 🦸‍♀️👨‍🔬👨‍🎨👨‍🎤👨‍🍳👷‍♀️👮‍

About our monthly Blogathons

Each month, the Empowering Lifewriters’ Community introduces a new topic for you to ponder. Your entry can take the form of a story, anecdote, poem, quote, joke, song, video, illustration, or work of art. Storywell, a plentiful spring of your stories are hosted on our blog.

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