All because of Flashdance by Janice R.

What was the first thing that made you truly happy?

I never thought it would ever happen to me, to have a career, and all because of a movie.

Squandering away over eight years of my life, I had mistakenly married a go-nowhere guy in Florida. I thought any chance of a career was gone. One night I watched the movie “Flashdance” (1983). If that girl could come from being a welder, then work really hard at her dancing and get accepted into a prestigious ballet academy, then maybe there was hope for me too.

Battling the negativity of my husband, I signed up for an evening course in Commercial Art. My instructor told me I had talent and encouraged me to pursue a career in the field. Could I do it? How? – I thought to myself.

Escaping from Florida, I lived with my parents in Manitoba, saved up, applied, and got accepted to the Graphic Design program at Cap University (then, Cap College) in Vancouver. Full-time schooling and working on the side was tiring, but after three years, I graduated with a certificate in Visual Communications and a diploma in Graphic Design, with honours.

After a year working for a small agency, I got a hired as an Art Director with the largest advertising agency in Vancouver.

Woodwards Vancouver History Iconic Canada

I was working on one of the biggest advertising accounts – the iconic Woodwards Department store – in the city. With my own office, my name on the door, doing the work I loved, it couldn’t get any better than this. And it was all because of the inspirational movie, “Flashdance.”

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